Speed Competition

Competing in the speed competition couldn’t be easier. Simply borrow one of two waterproof Sat Nav units kept behind the bar. Strap the unit to your arm, then sail as fast as you can. The unit automatically records all trip data including the maximum speed achieved.

The club record set in 2011 was broken in 2013 and now stands at 37.4mph. Surprisingly you don’t need to wait for a howling gale to sail fast. The faster speeds were generally achieved in the lighter winds, typically F4-F6. Flat water is far more important than wind strength for speed.

The rules of the speed competition are straight forward: Book the Sat Nav unit out from the bar before you go sailing.


  1. After sailing for a while, return the unit.
  2. To qualify for the competition, record the maximum speed in the log book and get it witnessed by a club member.

Club GPS Speed Record


 Position Competitor Date Speed (MPH)
1st John Oliver 23.06.13 37.4
2nd Pete Crosby 15.02.14 33.6
3rd Mike Redstone 01.07.12 33.4
4th Richard Crosby 17.08.13 33.2
5th Barry Day 11.09.11 31.9
6th Graham Pereira 14.08.11 31.8
7th Andy Hunnibal 03.06.12 31.4
8th Clive Adams 29.05.10 30.1
9th Dave Carter 07.08.11 28.0
10th Micky  Matthews 18.08.13 25.1
11th Luke Etheridge 2.07.14 22.8
12th George Richards 7.08.11 21.6


 Position Competitor Date Speed (MPH)
1st J Watts 24.07.10 29.5